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May 2, 2013
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BMW Reports Q1 2013 Results

BMW reported worldwide sales of 24,732 motorcycles over the first three months of 2013, a slight increase from the 24,373 motorcycles sold in the same quarter in 2012. These figures include sales of 1,110 Husqvarna motorcycles before BMW sold the company to KTM boss Stefan Pierer.

Sales revenue from BMW Motorrad however was down 2.7% to 436 million euros (US$569.2 million) over the quarter from 448 million euros last year. Profit from BMW’s motorcycle division however, rose to 50 million euros (US$65.3 million) compared to 37 million euros last year. Part of the profit stems from an operating income of 4.8 million euros from the deconsolidation of Husqvarna.

The 1.5% increase in BMW motorcycle sales comes in spite of an overall downturn of 17.3% in worldwide motorcycle sales over the quarter. The 24,732 motorcycles sold also broke the company’s all-time sales record for the first quarter.

BMW sold 3,259 motorcycles in the U.S. over the quarter, up 13.9% from the 2,861 motorcycles sold in the same quarter in 2012. BMW also reported sales growth in Brazil (up 5.5% to 1,543 motorcycles) and Japan (up 24.4% to 770 motorcycles).

The news was less positive in Europe where BMW reported sales decreases in Germany (down 2.1% to 4,309 motorcycles), Italy (down 19.3% to 2,454 motorcycles), France (down 8.2% to 2,240 motorcycles), Great Britain (down 10.6% to 1,235 motorcycles) and Spain (own 20.7% to 921 motorcycles.)

Looking ahead for the rest of 2013, BMW predicts industry-wide sales to stabilize as the year progresses. The company expects to see a rise in its own sales in 2013 in the first full year of availability for its C600 Sport and C650GT scooters and the new R1200GS.

[Source: BMW]

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