It’s been a little over two years since the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and its ensuing tsunamis devastated the eastern coast of Japan, and the country is still struggling to rebuild from the tragedy that claimed thousands of lives and displaced countless families.

Some areas such as Hamamatsu, an industrial city home to several companies including Suzuki, were not as badly affected as places on the east coast, but they are making efforts to develop anti-tsunami measures to prevent or lessen the damage from future disasters.

Chamber of Commerce and Industry for Hamamatsu raising 5 billion yen (US$50.2 million) from member companies including 500 million yen (US$5 million) from Suzuki. The money will go to the development of a new seawall to protect Hamamatsu from tsunamis.

Suzuki will spread its donations over five years, with 200 million euros already donated to the effort.

[Source: Suzuki]