8. Keep The Balls Of Your Feet On The Pegs

Kawasaki Ninja 300 Action

Not only does placing the balls of your feet on the pegs reduce the chances of dragging toes while cornering, it also allows you to transfer power from your legs to the motorcycle more efficiently.

We often see new (and even experienced) riders with their heels on the pegs. This is one of the most common rookie mistakes we see, and correcting it has a big impact on handling dynamics. Your legs can produce a lot of force, but how efficiently this force is applied to the bike is key.

Try standing with the majority of your weight on your heels. Now jump as high as you can. Then try the same thing again, only with your weight on the balls of your feet. Big difference.

With your feet correctly placed on the pegs, you can place much more weight on the inside peg while cornering. Side benefit: you’ll scrape your toes a lot less, too. Being on the balls of your feet allows your legs to take load off the seat, with the benefit being the ability to smoothly alter body position and to reduce the shock of hitting a big bump.

This technique is effective on all motorcycles, though cruisers with floorboards instead of pegs won’t notice as much of a difference.