2. They’re Out To Get You

Buckhorn Road in Ontario

Know where to place yourself on the road. On wet or damp roads like this, look for the lighter colored pavement as there’s generally less moisture, which means more grip.

The most common cause of car/motorcycle collisions is a car turning left in front of a motorcycle, typically with the car driver later explaining that he/she didn’t see the bike. So be extra careful to notice autos that are preparing to make a left turn, whether at an intersection or entering via a side street. Assume they might not be noticing that you’re on an intersecting path. Cars with the front wheels already turned left present extra danger.

Your lane choice can be critical to being seen. Choose the left lane when traveling on a main conduit that has many side-street entrances, or, at least, the left-side wheel track if you don’t have another lane option – that gives a rider an extra few feet of visibility. If you’re in the left lane when approaching intersections with cars waiting to turn, choose the right-side wheel track so you have less chance of getting lost in a busy background. Be ready with a “Plan B” whenever you ride.