9. Passenger Preparation

Honda Gold Wing Wheelie

It’s best to thoroughly communicate with your passenger what they should do when they’re back there. Especially if you’re going to pull something like this.

If you plan on taking a passenger along for a ride, make sure to give them a prep talk, especially if they’re inexperienced pillions. Some noob passengers get spooked by the sensation of a motorcycle leaning into corners and try to counter that effect by leaning in the opposite direction, which can cause the bike to behave unpredictably. The best advice for a passenger is to direct them to simply look over your shoulder as the bike is turning.

Adding the weight of a passenger high and rearward drastically alters the balance of a motorcycle, so be prepared to accommodate this. This is especially true at low speeds when the bike is less stable. If they want to wiggle around, tell them to do it only at higher speeds or while at a stop, not while you’re lane-splitting between a line of delivery vans. Assuming, of course, lane splitting is legal where you live.