The 2013 BMW R1200GS hasn’t arrived in showrooms yet and it’s already been subjected to its second recall in Canada. Fortunately, this means the problems should be corrected before BMW‘s updated adventure-tourer gets delivered to customers.

Earlier this month, Transport Canada announced a recall for the new R1200GS for a potential transmission oil leak. The Canadian department of transportation has now announced a second recall for the GS’ Automatic Stability Control (i.e. traction control system.) This affects only those models with ASC installed as well as an optional plug-in that unlocks the “Enduro Pro” ride mode.

The “Enduro Pro” mode is specifically calibrated for off-road use and adjusts both ABS and traction control to allow for rear wheel slide. According to Transport Canada, the ASC system may not reactivate following off-road use while in the “Enduro Pro” ride mode. The ASC’s warning light would also not illuminate, which may lead the rider into thinking the traction control system is on and working when in fact it is disengaged.

The problem can be fixed with an ASC software update. Because the 2013 BMW R1200GS is not yet available to consumers, the problem should be corrected long before the GS gets into the hands of buyers. The Transport Canada recall affects 33 units.

[Source: Transport Canada]