North Irish brothers and Tourist Trophy racers Michael and William Dunlop showed their support – and nearly everything else as well – for an upcoming event raising funds to fight testicular cancer.

The nephews of all-time Isle of Man TT wins leader Joey Dunlop and sons of another accomplished TT racer, Robert Dunlop, stripped down to their racing boots and gloves, not to mention two strategically placed helmets, for a photoshoot with Northern Irish model Laura Lacole in support of the Belfast Strut, a sponsored walk on March 16.

The event will have 100 participants dressed up as the campaign’s mascot, “Mr. Testicles”, walking 10 miles through Belfast.

“William and Michael have shown their support by stripping down to their boots with only their helmets covering their modesty to inspire their fans to sign up and get involved,” Lacole tells MCN. “When I asked them if they would get pictures taken in the nip there wasn’t much hesitation as they said it’s for a good cause!”

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[Source: MCN]