Yamaha is celebrating the 35th anniversary of its SR series with a special edition model in Japan. Produced in limited numbers, the 35th Anniversary Edition Yamaha SR400 offers an exclusive leaf green metallic color, special badging and, in an unusual gesture, a lower price than the base model.

The original SR500 was introduced in 1978 as a street-focused version of the Yamaha XT500. At the time, the SR500 was marketed as something of a throwback with its 499cc single-cylinder engine while multi-cylinder bikes were the norm. Once offered in multiple markets, the SR in recent years has been almost exclusively sold in Japan as the SR400, with a shorter stroke to take advantage of the country’s 400cc licensing laws. The SR400 was produced through 2008 and then re-introduced in 2010 with a fuel injection system replacing the previous model’s carburetor.

Despite the addition of fuel injection, the SR400 remains a simple motorcycle that remains true to its roots. The current model uses a 399cc engine claiming 30hp at 7500rpm and 23 ft-lb. at 6250 rpm. The SR400 features a double-cradle frame, five-speed transmission, a kick starter, telescopic forks and a rear drum brake accompanying its front disc brake. Yamaha claims a dry weight of 383 pounds, and fuel economy of 96.4 mpg.

The anniversary model has a leaf green metallic color with white striping and gold Yamaha logos and a two-tone brown seat. The side cover and analog instrument gauges bear subtle badging identifying it as an anniversary edition model.

Perhaps the most intriguing selling point is the price. At 510,000 yen (US$5746), the anniversary edition is actually priced lower than the 550,000 yen (US$6197) price of the base model which is offered in pearl white or black.

Yamaha will only produce 1000 units of the anniversary edition SR400 between Feb. 14 and Aug. 31. At its lower price point and limited edition rarity, it’ll likely sell out fast.

[Source: Yamaha]