5. Thief Steals Motorcycle from Crash Victim

It’s always nice to hear a story about a Good Samaritan coming to the aid of a motorcyclist following a crash. Not so nice is when this Samaritan turns out to be less than good, volunteering to wheel a crashed bike out of traffic, then riding off with it while its owner lies on the ground with serious injuries.

Glenn Hawkins crashed his Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R trying to avoid a bicyclist who had suddenly stepped in front of his path. Hawkins slid to the ground, braking his collar bone while also cracking two ribs and puncturing a lung. As he lay there, a passer-by offered to move the Ninja … and didn’t stop until he was long out of sight.

“I came off my bike and skidded along the road. When I got up I said ‘where’s my bike?’ and I was told someone had stolen it,” Hawkins tells the Daily Mail.