6. Lamborghini Crashes into BMW Dealership

We know what you’re thinking. The only thing that would have made the bus-crashing-into-a-motorcycle-dealership story better is if the bus was a sexy Lamborghini instead.

Well that’s exactly what happened a month earlier somewhere in Italy, north of Milan. The driver of a Lamborghini Murciélago lost control while approaching a curve. He lost control and the expensive car careened into a row of motorcycles parked outside a BMW dealership. The Lamborghini bounced off the bikes and eventually came to a stop in the middle of the road, but not before destroying nine display models, and customer-owned motorcycles.

The total damage was estimated at about 500,000 euros.

Coincidentally, Lamborghini happens to be owned by Audi, and both are part of the Volkswagen family including the recently acquired Ducati brand. Volkswagen, of course, is one of BMW’s biggest rivals. After this incident, we’re pretty sure a couple more Beemer fans have developed a big hatred for Lambos.