1. BMW Causes Erection that Won't Go Away

By far the strangest story of 2012 is that of Henry Wolf, a BMW rider in California suffering from a painfully serious condition known as priapism. What’s priapism, you ask? It’s a condition where a man’s penis maintains an erection that would not go away.

Wolf made headlines around the world after filing a lawsuit against BMW and seat makers Corbin-Pacific, alleging a four-hour ride on a BMW motorcycle in 2010 resulted in a severe case of priapism. Wolf is seeking damages for general negligence, product liability and emotional distress. He seeks compensation for wages lost, medical expenses and general damage.

Of course, that “general damage” is likely higher now, as Wolf will now be recognized around the world as the guy with the persistent, painful erection.

The case is now going to trial, with a jury set to hear evidence on June 17, 2013. BMW has requested a meeting for an out-of-court settlement while Corbin-Pacific has requested mediation.