2. 185 mph R1 on YouTube

A motorcyclist in British Columbia, Canada, faces charges after a video was posted on YouTube of a Yamaha R1 allegedly going 299 kph (185 mph) in traffic on the Trans-Canada Highway.

The video, included below, was uploaded by a user going by the name “Joe Blow” on April 8. Eyewitnesses report the incident was filmed on April 6 at around 4 pm PST. Using video evidence, police tracked down the alleged rider.

At first, police only had enough evidence to seize a motorcycle believed to be the one used in the video, and issued tickets carrying fines totaling CN$1,449 to the R1’s owner, who authorities say is the mother of the rider in the video.

Several months later, police gathered further evidence from eyewitness accounts, leading to dangerous driving charges against Randy George Scott, who police said had 27 prior traffic offenses and had his license suspended five times (including the motorcycle learner’s permit he had when the video was said to have been filmed).

Scott is now awaiting his trial, set for October 2013. As for the impounded R1? B.C.’s Civil Forfeiture Office auctioned it off for $4,651.

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