8. Honda Developing V4 MotoGP Replica

After years of rumors and gallons of tears shed by disappointed Honda fans, the Japanese manufacturer finally announced plans to produce a sportbike based on its MotoGP racer.

Takanobu Ito, Honda’s chief executive officer, confirmed the production model is on its way, saying:

“Since its market introduction in 1987, the RC30 (VFR750R) super sports bike has been loved by a large number of fans. With a goal to create a new history, passionate Honda engineers have gotten together and have begun development of a new super sports bike to which new technologies from MotoGP machines will be applied.”

Though no specific details were announced, Ito’s reference to the RC30, not to mention the current RC213V MotoGP racer, suggests the new model will be powered by a V4 engine.

The new sportbike model isn’t the only V4 project in the works. Honda is also reportedly working on a production racer based on the RC213V that would be leased to prospective MotoGP teams. The production racer is expected to be ready for the 2014 season and could carry a price tag of over a million dollars. The consumer model is also expected to be quite pricey, with some predicting a price over $100,000.