The 2013 Triumph Trophy is being recalled because a NHTSA label listing the sport-tourer’s tire data has the wrong information.

According to documents released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the tire label on some Triumph Trophy models list erroneous tire and laden weight information. The labels are mandated by NHTSA and can be found affixed to the left side of the main frame headstock on the Trophy. The correct information should specify a 120/70 17 front tire and a 190/55 17 rear tire for the Trophy.

Customers looking for replacement tires may be relying on the wrong information posted on the label, and may thus purchase the wrong tires. Using the wrong tires may affect the motorcycle’s performance and increase the risk of injury.

The problem was first noticed on Dec. 4 by workers in Triumph’s factory in the U.K. The parent company informed Triumph North America on Dec. 6, which soon after contacted NHTSA and decided to issue a recall.

The recall affects 244 units, none of which have been delivered to customers. Triumph dealers will apply a new NHTSA label bearing the correct tire information on all units in stock. Triumph Trophy models with VIN 577353 and onwards had the correct labels applied during production; prior models are subject to the recall.

[Source: NHTSA]