The Grand Prix Commission has released a new set of regulations for disciplining riders who consistently commit offenses such as endangering other racers or assaulting marshals and race officials. The new disciplinary rules were among a number of other new regulations announced for MotoGP as well as the Moto2 and Moto3 World Championships.

Effectively immediately, riders will be subject to a point system for penalties. Race Direction may issue anywhere from one and 10 points for various infractions, in addition to other sanctions. Points will accrue through the season and, when a rider’s penalty point total reaches certain thresholds, additional sanctions will be automatically applied.

When a rider receives four points through a season, the rider will be penalized by having to start from the back of the grid for the next race. At seven points, a rider will have to start from pit lane for the next race. Should a rider receive 10 points through the season, that rider would be automatically disqualified from the following round, and the points would reset to zero. Points will also reset at the end of a season and do not carry forward to the next season.

The Grand Prix Commission also removed the minimum fine Race Direction may impose on a rider while setting the maximum fine to 50,000 euros (US$66,180).

[Source: FIM]