Automobile maker Daimler announced a partnership agreement with Vectrix to produce an electric scooter under the company’s Smart brand. As previously reported, the Smart eScooter is scheduled to enter production for 2014.

The Smart eScooter was first unveiled in prototype form at the 2010 Paris Motor Show alongside a electric bicycle (the Smart eBike) and the electric version of the Smart ForTwo car. The eBike is already available in Europe and electric ForTwo has been introduced to the U.S., notably with Daimer’s Car2Go carsharing subsidiary deploying a fleet of the electric vehicles.

For the eScooter, Smart turned to the more experienced hands at Vectrix for help. Vectrix has been producing electric scooters for years, making it a logical partner for Daimler.

“Smart and Vectrix are both pioneers of electric mobility for the city,” says Annette Winkler, Head of Smart. “The Smart scooter will be a true Smart and we want to make it an icon of urban mobility – just like the Smart ForTwo.”

[Source: Daimler]