We’ve exhaustedly tested and compared the 2012 MV Agusta F4 and its more expensive counterpart, the F4 RR, to expose their strengths and weaknesses. For 2013 it looks as though MV Agusta is heeding ours, and others, critiques by upgrading its flagship model with the latest and greatest technologies money can buy.

The new motorcycle comes in three guises for 2013, the F4, F4 R and F4 RR, each boasting various performance upgrades and unique graphics. All three bikes are powered by the same short-stroke inline four-cylinder engine that features an electronics package with Ride-by-Wire control and adjustability for engine power management, throttle sensitivity, torque, engine response, engine braking and rev limitation. The F4’s 8-level traction control now features a lean angle sensor and anti-wheeling control. The Electronically Assisted Shift (EAS) is also a stock component for 2013. The structure and geometry characteristics of the new F4’s frame are unchanged

The potent inline-four engine has undergone a thorough evaluation and now utilizes a single spring for the intake and exhaust valves, instead of two in the previous model. The piston blanks are hard anodized and the crankshaft rebalanced. Oil circulation has been redesigned, while the operating temperature of the engine is lower, due to greater radiator efficiency. MV claims the F4 and F4 R create 195 bhp.

The F4’s suspension is a combination a fully adjustable 50mm Marzocchi fork and Sachs shock. Both the F4 and F4 R use Brembo M4 front brake calipers and Nissin master cylinders. A lighter version of its signature quartet of organ pipe exhaust features shorter, tapered external terminals while the inner two pipes extend beyond the end of the tailpiece.

There are also new lightweight forged wheels and a new front spoiler integrated into the front fairing with daylight running lights, as well as the new tail light incorporating light guide technology. The base model F4 comes in White/Red/Silver and its listed price of €16,990 translates to $21,701.24.

The F4 R further reduces the weight and material thickness of its wheels  through the process of forging aluminum alloy. Another F4 R upgrade is the use of race-specific Öhlins suspension components.

The F4 R comes in Red/Silver and its listed price of €18,990 currently translates to $24,256.72.

The flagship F4 RR’s two big boasts are titanium connecting rods and Öhlins electronic suspension. The Öhlins suspension system provides separate control for compression damping and rebound damping, while customizing the spring preload is manual.

The F4 RR also features Brembo M50 monobloc brake calipers and an  Öhlins electronic steering damper. The electronic steering damper allows a choice between manual or automatic adjustment.

MV claims a 200.8 bhp from the RR’s titanium con-rod mill. Color scheme for the 2013 F4 double R is Pearl White/Black/Red and its listed exchange rate price is currently €23,990, $30,643.43.