Photo: Brian J. Nelson

Today, AMA Pro Racing officials announced an open request for proposals from ECU manufacturers interested in supplying a standard ECU for the American Superbike class, starting 2014. The manufacturer would also have the opportunity to become an official partner of AMA Pro Racing.

In an effort to curtail rising costs in the class associated with developing and tuning ever-advancing electronic rider aids — traction control being the most prominent example — AMA Pro Racing is looking to follow the path of other major racing organizations and implement a standardized ECU. In its press release, AMA says, “Many options have been comprehensively evaluated in the common interest of providing an equitable, cost-effective, enforceable and sustainable racing platform while instilling growth and interest in the sport of motorcycle road racing.”

The end goal is to reduce the costs associated with racing, thereby encouraging more teams to participate. With this announcement, AMA is ensuring “every option has been considered before finalizing any future technical rules.”

Manufacturers interested in submitting a proposal should direct them to:

AMA Pro Racing
Attn: Technical Department
525 Fentress Blvd., Suite B
Daytona Beach, FL 32118
Deadline for submissions is December 14, 2012. AMA Pro Racing will announce what, if any, modifications will be made to the American Superbike rules package by December 31, 2012.