After making a bold statement last year as the king of the hyperbike segment, there wasn’t much to complain about with the Ninja ZX-14R. With gobs of power, torque and all-around badassery, we liked the 14R so much we named it our 2012 Motorcycle of the Year. However, that doesn’t mean we didn’t have one minor gripe.

With all that power, the world’s fastest production motorcycle curiously lacked ABS. This despite being equipped with wheel speed sensors for its KTRC traction control system. For 2013, Kawasaki has wisely made ABS available as an option.

Utilizing the wheel-speed sensors already used by the KTRC traction control system, the lightweight ABS unit monitors multiple parameters and prevents wheel lockup from occurring during hard braking. An obvious benefit while riding in wet or other adverse conditions. The rest of the motorcycle remains unchanged from last year.

For 2013, the ZX-14R also comes in three new color options: Passion Red, Pearl Stardust White and Metallic Spark Black/Golden Blazed Green. Pricing has yet to be determined as of press time. Visit for more information.