It already sucks when you’re involved in a motorcycle crash. I found that out myself first-hand recently. It’s even worse however when someone steals your bike while you’re lying on the ground with severe injuries.

That’s what happened last week to 35-year-old Glenn Hawkins in Bristol, England. According to a report in Britain’s Daily Mail, Hawkins crashed his Kawasaki ZX-6R trying to avoid a bicyclist who had suddenly stepped out into his path. The crash sent Hawkins tumbling to the ground, breaking his collar bone, cracking two ribs and puncturing a lung.

According to a police spokesperson, a passer-by then allegedly offered to help move the crashed Ninja out of the way of traffic, but instead took off with the sportbike.

“I came off my bike and skidded along the road. When I got up I said ‘where’s my bike?’ and I was told someone had stolen it,” Hawkins tells the Daily Mail.

Hawkins had only purchased the ZX-6R a month before the Aug. 1 crash. The accident occurred as Hawkins was taking the sportbike for servicing. Instead, it was Hawkins who had to go in for servicing, spending five days in a hospital to treat his injuries.

“If I had got hold of him, he would have ended up in the hospital bed next to me. Now I just want to get my bike back,” says Hawkins. “If anyone sees it, or the thief who stole it, I would really appreciate it if they called the police as soon as possible.”

Police are on the lookout for the suspect and the stolen motorcycle. The cyclist was unharmed.

[Source: Daily Mail]

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