In what may be a first for a Japanese manufacturer, Yamaha will be exporting motorcycles produced in India to its home market.

Yamaha is shipping 300 units the YZF-R15 to Japan to test the market’s appetite for the 150cc sport bike. The R15 is manufactured by India Yamaha Motor at its plant in Surajpur, India. Hiroyuki Suzuki, chief executive officer of India Yamaha Motor, confirmed the news to The Economic Times, saying the company many export more India-produced models such as the naked FZ16.

“The motorcycles manufactured in India meet the advanced specification of developed markets and they are produced at a lower cost,” Suzuki tells The Economic Times. “We are sending R15 to Japan to test market them in the Japanese market and if the response is good, we may explore more products for export to Japan and other advanced markets.”

The R15 is priced at 115,000 Indian rupees (US$2,068) in India but for Japan, the initial run of 300 units will each be priced at 342,000 Japanese yen (US$4,371).

[Source: The Economic Times]