BMW announced it will make anti-lock brakes standard equipment across its entire lineup starting with the 2013 model year.

The German manufacturer became the first to introduce ABS into serial production motorcycles in 1988 and now 25 years later, BMW will be the first to offer ABS across all of its models. BMW has already announced two 2013 models that will come with ABS, the updated F800GS and the F700GS.

The decision to make ABS standard comes as as pre-emptive step ahead of new legislation expected to make ABS required for all new motorcycles by 2013. ABS is also a cornerstone of BMW’s new “Safety 360°” principle, the manufacturer’s new three-pronged philosophy for rider safety.

ABS is part of the first facet of Safety 360°: vehicle technology. This facet involves introducing new technologies and rider aides to further rider safety. BMW’s safety innovations includes standardized ABS as well as Electronic Suspension Adjustment (ESA), traction control, and adaptive headlight (as introduced on the K1600GT and K1600GTL.)

The other two facets of Safety 360° are rider equipment and rider training. BMW will support these two facets with its line of riding gear and its own rider training program which includes on- and off-road riding.

[Source: BMW]