The AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum announced it made a mistake in its selection process and withdrew the invitation to racing tuner Derek “Nobby” Clark to join its ranks.

Clark, who helped tuned 17 world championship-winning motorcycles for riders such as Mike Hailwood, Kenny Roberts and Giacomo Agostini, was initially announced to the Hall’s class of 2012 on June 11. The Hall now admit Clark was mistakenly added to the voting ballot.

“We sincerely regret this error and I have apologized to Mr. Clark on behalf of the Hall of Fame,” says Jeffrey V. Heininger, chair of the American Motorcycle Heritage Foundation which oversees the selection process. “This was a difficult decision, but it had to be made to ensure the integrity of this remarkable institution.”

Heininger also says there will be a review of the nomination process to ensure such a mistake does not happen again.

[Source: AMA]