Suzuki announced its 2013 motocross lineup including an updated RM-Z450 and RM-Z250. Both receive engine updates, new transmissions and new suspension.

Unlike competitors Honda and Kawasaki however, Suzuki did not equip its motocross bikes with Kayaba‘s new pneumatic spring forks. Instead, Suzuki has updated its RM-Z450 and RM-Z250 with Showa Separate Function Forks, which divides damping and spring functions into the two fork legs. According to Suzuki, the new fully-adjustable SFF suspension system has less friction and weight while increasing absorption performance compared to the forks on the 2012 models.

“The RM-Z450 and RM-Z250 are the most successful fuel-injected motocross models ever made,” says Steve Bortolamedi, Suzuki senior communications manager. “The 2013 motocross lineup features new technology designed to dominate on the track and continue the tradition of race-winning performance that is at the core of all Suzuki products.”

2013 Suzuki RM-Z250

The RM-Z250’s engine gets a revised piston, connecting rod and piston pin and updated intake and exhaust cams. According to Suzuki, the engine updates improve mid-range torque and acceleration. Suzuki also equipped it with a new five-speed transmission with updated gears and shift cam and a revised clutch.

The fuel-injected RM-Z250 comes with three electrical couplers, allowing riders to quickly switch from the base setting to a richer or leaner fueling. The couplers can be connected without the use of tools. Suzuki is also offering a fuel injection indicator light as an optional accessory to help track engine-operating time and manage maintenance intervals.

Suzuki also updated the frame and seat rail to optimize rigidity balance, promising nimble handling and stability.

2013 Suzuki RM-Z450

The Suzuki RM-Z450 also receives engine updates for 2013. The new piston, piston pin, connecting rod and intake cam are said to be lighter than last year’s components, with Suzuki claiming improved mid-range torque and crisper throttle response.

The transmission system was also updated with revised gear shapes for second through fifth gear and a new shift cam Suzuki says will help deliver smoother, more precise shifting.

Like the RM-Z250, the 450 comes with both richer and leaner electrical couplers to adjust the fuel setting for different track conditions. The new optional fuel injection indicator light is also compatible with the RM-Z450.

Suzuki also announced its RM85 and RM85L will return for 2013 unchanged from last year’s versions.

[Source: Suzuki]