Alpinestars has introduced a new race suit for motorcyclists tired of being called “organ donors” by non-riders.

The new Anatomy suit was designed by London-based David Gwyther of Death Spray Custom. Inspired by AMA racing legend David Aldana‘s skeleton suit, the black cow and kangaroo leather suit features an eye-catching graphic of a human being’s internal organs. Further adding to the theme is the red internal mesh liner.

“Human anatomy is a theme I have much fascination with and is something I’ve often visited in previous works. The anatomy model is a visual motif that, even from an early age, was intriguing as a timeless piece of art in itself. Part sculpture, part puzzle and all educational.” says Gwyther. “We see it referenced culturally in many ways from Hirst to Kaws, though my inspiration was an artist from a different field, AMA legend David Aldana. He raced in black leathers with a white skeleton over print. Think a dirtrack Donnie Darko. I wanted to create the next generation version. It’s a very simple idea; the best ideas often appear that way.”

The Anatomy suit will make its public debut this weekend at the Southsiders MC “Wheels and Waves” event in Biarritz, France.

[Source: Alpinestars]