Suzuki is issuing a recall for 2009-2011 GSX-R1000 because of a potential failure of the side stand interlock switch.

The interlock switch is what cuts off the ignition circuit on a motorcycle when the side stand is down and the transmission is in any gear except neutral. Its purpose is to prevent a motorcycle from moving with the stand deployed.

According to documents released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the bolts connecting the interlock switch to the side stand on 2009-2011 Suzuki GSX-R1000 models may come loose, allowing the switch to rotate. This may cause the switch’s plunger to come out, as if the side stand were deployed, cutting the ignition and stopping the engine. The problem is caused by small diameter bolt flanges causing a buckling of the interlock switch body.

American Suzuki reported three incidents to its parent company in November 2010, leading to an investigation by Suzuki Motor Corporation. Between November 2010 and January 2012, Suzuki received six field reports and nine warranty claims related to the defect. No accidents or injuries were reported in relation to the problem.

Suzuki dealers will replace side stand interlock switch bolts with new bolts with larger flanges and pre-coated with adhesive material. Dealers will also install washers for both the interlock switch seats and the side stand mounting bracket seats.

Please note the recall affects 2009-2011 models while the NHTSA recall database incorrectly specifies 2012 models in its summary. The documentation specifically describes only late-model units including 2,602 units from 2009, 39 units from 2010, and 2,328 units from the 2011 model year for a total of 4,969 units.

[Source: NHTSA recall campaign ID# 12V231000]