Facebook has been getting a bad rap of late with its recent IPO but that didn’t stop Ducati from celebrating its millionth “Like” on the official Ducati Facebook page. The Italian manufacturer marked the occasion with a video thanking its fans.

The video is almost a real-life demonstration of how Facebook operates, following a first-person perspective of a fan visiting Ducati‘s headquarters in Bologna, Italy, and raising a thumb to “like” things he sees such the rows of L-Twin-powered motorcycles in the parking lot, Corse racebikes on display at the Ducati Museum, factory workers assembling a Ducati 1199 Panigale.

Along the way, Ducati displays the word “thanks” in 12 different languages along the fan’s tour of the factory and in footage from its MotoGP team’s recent test at Italy’s Mugello circuit.

The Facebook page itself was initially started by a Ducatisti Pat Loughery who gave page to Ducati  in July 2009 with 90,000 likes already established.

Ducati provided a breakdown of its Facebook Likes by country, listing the top 20 markets that contributed to its million Likes. It’s no surprise Italy supplies the most likes while the U.S. (Ducati’s largest market) also provides a high number. The large number of Likes from emerging markets such as India, Malaysia and Indonesia shows how important those countries will be to Ducati in the future.

Ducati Facebook Likes by country:

  • Italy 278,151
  • India 113,735
  • USA 89,430
  • France 49,353
  • Malaysia 37,789
  • Indonesia 36,319
  • Spain 29,735
  • Germany 25,315
  • UK 25,102
  • Mexico 16,893
  • Greece 16,187
  • Thailand 14,742
  • Australia 14,679
  • Philippines 12,840
  • Colombia 10,413
  • Serbia 8,696
  • Belgium 8,542
  • Taiwan 8,365
  • Canada 7,950
  • Brazil 7,948

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[Source: Ducati]