When you think of making a round-the-world motorcycle tour, you usually think of an adventure touring bike like the BMW R1200GS à la Ewen McGregor and Charley Boorman in “Long Way Round“. Sean Jordan, a Canadian expatriate living in Budapest, Hungary, had a different steed in mind: a Vespa P200E scooter.

On Dec. 3, 2011, Jordan completed his 18-month, four-continent “Vespa360” journey on his beloved Vespa, nicknamed the Hamburglar, traveling 36,600 miles starting in Belgrade, Serbia and finishing in Budapest. After he completed his long journey, Jordan received a call for one final trip: to the Piaggio Foundation Museum in Pontedera, Italy.

The Museum wanted Jordan’s Vespa for its collection and Jordan obliged, taking his beloved Hamburglar from Budapest to its final destination in Italy.

Jordan documented that final 800-mile journey with a GoPro onboard camera, with the footage edited to 300x speed. Along the way he encounters old friends, new friends, angry Italian drivers and a pair of undercover police officers from the former Yugoslavia. And to think, this was probably nothing compared to his original around-the-world trek.

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[Source: The Vespa 360 Project (Facebook, YouTube)]