Guzzis aren’t for everyone, and Guzzisti are quite okay with that fact. While Moto Guzzi recognizes the dedication of Guzzi devotees, it also recognizes that it needs to grow the brand.

Moto Guzzi USA, the North American importer of the Moto Guzzi brand, has announced a new “micro” site for Guzzis. The site,, is part eye candy (actually, it’s very eye candy), part history, part marketing tool.

The new site is a one-stop-shop for Guzzi fans old and new alike. Loads of images of Guzzi bikes from the company’s heyday to plenty of stylish pics of modern Guzzis adorn a big portion of the main page. And it’s the images that make the site most appealing.

The V7 Racer: a modern Moto Guzzi with the timeless Guzzi look. celebrates Moto Guzzi’s small-ish but enduring place in motorcycling.

But the site isn’t all show and no go. Guzzisti can upload their own images, browse the current Guzzi lineup, watch videos, connect to MG’s social media and even take in some of Moto Guzzi’s 90-year history.

To immerse yourself in Moto Guzzi visit: