Mercedes-Benz announced it will bring the electric Smart eScooter to market in 2014.

The concept model of the Smart eScooter was originally unveiled at the 2010 Paris Auto Show along with an electric bicycle (the Smart eBike) to showcase the Smart ForTwo electric car. Both the car and the eBike are launching this year, but they will be joined by the eScooter in 2014.

“The decision in favor of the escooter has been made,” says Dr. Joachim Schmidt, executive vice-president of sales and marketing for Mercedes-Benz Cars. “With this step, we are adding a further important component to our smart mobility concept for urban mobility in the future.”

The electric scooter fits well into the Smart brand of small urban vehicles. The original concept shares Smart’s signature styling while adopting traditional scooter aesthetics. It’ll be interesting to see how closely the production version matches the concept. The concept model had a port to allow the use of an iPhone as the instrument display, showing speed, GPS and battery charge information. That is unlikely to remain for the production model.

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“Anyone who thinks of urban mobility has to think of Smart,” says Dr. Annette Winkler, the head of Smart. “We offer the perfect zero-emissions vehicle for every requirement, and with our products, electric travel is a lot of fun too.”

[Source: Daimler]

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