AMA Pro Racing is looking for a new president with David Atlas taking a step away from daily operations to focus on business development.

Atlas was appointed chief operating officer of AMA Pro Racing in November 2009, taking over operational control from Roger Edmondson. He will now assume a new role as chief business development officer, working with promoters, sponsors, broadcasters and manufacturers to help grown the business of professional motorcycle racing in the U.S.

Day-to-day operations will now be handled by various department heads from AMA Pro Racing’s business divisions. Atlas will provide guidance while remaining on the managing member board alongside Chris Harris and Tom Bledsoe, to help choose a new president.

“Over the past three years, we have worked tirelessly as a team and I am so proud of the company that we have become, and the growth which we have achieved,” says Atlas. “With these changes, we are making our operation stronger by investing more effort in future growth opportunities, our motorsports relationships and operating more efficiently. I will now be able to concentrate more on these important opportunities and relationships and cultivating business sectors and potential customers which we have not previously had the resources to fully prospect.”

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