Zero Motorcycles reported a 240% year-over-year growth in revenue over the first quarter of 2012 with a 178% increase in unit sales.

Specific numbers were not released, only saying it recently passed the milestone of 1,500 units delivered worldwide, but actual unit sales figures and revenues are still small in comparison to larger motorcycle manufacturers, but the growth is still positive news for Zero and the overall electric motorcycle segment.

“We are now in full production and accelerated growth mode. Yet we are still a small company and therefore we understand that significant increases are relatively easier for us than for larger OEMs,” says Karl Wharton, chief operating officer of Zero Motorcycles. “However, on any scale, it’s an impressive performance, arguably making Zero Motorcycles the fastest growing and largest premium brand electric motorcycle manufacturer in the world.”

Zero attributes its growth to a streamlined manufacturing efficiencies and positive mainstream media coverage. A growing dealer network was another important factor with Zero adding 50 North American dealers over the last 12 months, including locations in key metropolitan centers. Zero is also adding European dealerships to its network.

The 2012 Zero S streetbike and DS dual sport are driving Zero’s sales. Customers are showing strong demand for the two models in the ZF9 configuration which Zero claims offers a range of 114 miles for the S and 112 miles for the DS. Zero also offers those models with a ZF6 power pack but customers appear to prefer the ZF9 which Zero claims offers 50% more range at a $2500 premium.

[Source: Zero]