I’ll always recall with fondness the up close and personal access I had during the last couple rounds of the 2003 inaugural season the AMA Supermoto Championship.

I’ve never raced supermoto; nevertheless, I think it’s one of the most kickass forms of motorcycle racing, and this video of supermoto racing reminds me why I dig supermoto.

Supermoto, if done correctly, exhibits what is perhaps one of the most sensual displays in two-wheeled racing: the controlled rear wheel slide.

With the front-end crossed up in relation to the sliding rear wheel, racers employ this technique to negotiate a turn as quickly as possible aboard their dirt bikes modified for racing on both pavement and dirt.

Although this video – played back entirely in slow motion – appears to document amateur racers, it does an excellent job of illustrating what makes supermoto racing such a kick in the pants.


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