This year, Ride To Work Day will take place on Monday, June 18.

Now in its 21st year, the annual event serves to prompt motorcyclists to commute to work aboard their motorcycles in order to raise the public’s awareness of motorcycles and motorcyclists as integral and valid components of the U.S. transportation system.

Despite the theme of riding to work, the spirit of the movement is simply to get motorcycles moving in the transportation stream. So, even if you don’t need to commute, but do possess a motorcycle, riding it anywhere for any reason will serve the same purpose.

For 2012 Anchorage, AK, has become the latest U.S. city to recognize Ride To Work Day. Anchorage joins scores of U.S. cities that have in the past seven years officially recognized the event.

By proclamation from the mayor of Anchorage, parking in EasyPark garages, surface lots and metered street parking within Anchorage is free of charge to scooters and motorcycles on June 18, 2012, in recognition of “their utilitarian value and to encourage the daily use of those vehicles.”

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