On May 8 Discovery Channel will premiere its latest reality-based show, The Devils Ride.

Billed as a “rare look” inside a “real motorcycle club,” the documentary-style program chronicles the culture and interactions of members of the San Diego, Calif.-based Laffing Devils motorcycle club.

Cruise the public comments posted in the two The Devils Ride YouTube trailers, and it seems a question at hand is whether or not the world is ready for another motorcycle-based reality program.  As one poster said, “No real MC would ever let this [expletive deleted] fly.”

Who’s to know the source of these posts (rival motorcycle club members, disenfranchised viewers, etc.). Nevertheless, a good deal of the comments about the show reveal that commenters question the authenticity of the club and its motives for participating in the documentation of its culture.

The Devils Ride is set to air Tuesday, May 8 at 10:00 p.m. Pacific on Discovery Channel.

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