Horex announced it has delayed series production of its VR6 Roadster because of the late addition of a secondary air injection system (SAIS).

According to Horex, the pre-production versions of the VR6 Roadster were running too close to the upper limits in emission testing during homologation. Horex decided to address this by adding a SAIS system which should reduce emissions by injecting clean air from the intake manifolds to the exhaust ports, helping oxidize unburned hydrocarbons.

The addition of SAIS will require some more testing and another round of emissions testing, pushing production back to the end of May 2012.

“This technically sophisticated solution cost us a little more time, but it puts us on the safe side,” says Clemens Neese, chief executive officer of Horex. “This is important: everything on the engine we are bringing to market is perfectly matched.”

Horex says it experienced some delay in receiving parts from suppliers.

[Source: Horex]