Audi has offered 750 million euros (US$995 million) for Ducati, according to a report from Italian publication Corriere di Bologna.

The offer is reportedly also include Ducati‘s debts. Corriere reports those debts may turn out to be much lower than the 200 million euro estimate that was being passed around in rumors.

The offer is lower than the 1 billion euro asking price Ducati’s current owners Investindustrial were reportedly seeking, but it may prove to be enough. At 750 million euros, Investindustrial could still stand to double its original investment when it first acquired Ducati from Texas Pacific Group in 2005.

Audi has exclusive negotiating rights until the middle of April so it may be a matter of a few weeks before we learn whether its bid is successful. If it is, Ducati will become a subsidiary of Audi and join the extended family known as the Volkswagen Group which also includes auto manufacturers such as Lambourghini, Bentley, Bugatti and Porsche.

[Source: Corriere di Bologna via TwoWheelsBlog]

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