Sneakers are not appropriate riding gear. High tops or not, sneakers provide the same protection during a crash a ripped condom does during intercourse. Shorty boots are the perfect blend of comfort and protection for summertime riding and REV’IT!’s Air Blend Boots encapsulate these qualities. Recently worn and tested here at MO, the Air Blends, for $220, are a superior option to sneakers at near to the same price of a pair of Air Jordans.

The Air Blend boots are constructed with a combination of suede leather, Cordura mesh, PU coated Pampas cowhide and a oil resistant, steel reinforced sole. Heels, toes and ankles are protected by REV’IT!’s SP Protec thermo-welded panels, while your lower shin and the boots laces are covered by a padded overlap.

The overlap is key to keeping the laces from entangling with footpegs or shift/brake levers. The large, padded suede flap secures tenaciously to both sides of the boot via velcro and, besides getting in the way when tying the laces, is a welcome feature.

Another pivotal design element is the cutout in the upper rear of the boots. The cutout relieves stain on a wearer’s Achilles tendon and allows for a wider range of motion and greater comfort when walking or riding.

The mesh side panels provide air-flow, but without a direct intake, such as those found on helmets, the amount of fresh air entering the boot is limited, yet better than a non-mesh boot.

The Air Blends are easy to get on or off, as well as light weight and comfortable for all-day wearing, including walking or hiking. Their fit designation as “touring” indicates a choice of comfort over performance, in other words, the boots don’t convey the amount of feel a more sport-specific boot will provide.

Casually stylish enough to be worn outside of a motorcycle environment, the Air Blend boots are a smart purchase for this summer’s higher temperatures. So keep your sneaks for the ball court and invest in some shorty boots such as the Air Blends for when you’re riding. If you ever have to utilize the boots’ protective virtues, you’ll applaud your decision.