As if expertly performing all manner of wheelies, stoppies, burnouts and what have you stunts on pavement wasn’t difficult enough, it seems the next level is to take streetbike acrobatics to the ice.

Pro motorcycle stunter and gymkhana-style drifter Jorian Ponomareef has moved his two-wheeled antics from the tarmac to a frozen body of water — at least for this one video anyway.

In this vid Ponomareef pilots his motorcycle with ice-studded tires around a serpentine course on a frozen lake, and does so with a level of adroitness that you’d think he was doing it on dry land — he makes it look that easy.

The video has a high production value, with some slick slo-mo scenes that really capture the fascination. However, it’s not really clear what the video is supposed to convey with the scene wherein Ponomareef is nearly run over by hot-rodded pick-up slathered in Monster Energy Drink endorsements. Was that the best stunt they could envision to promote Monster? Whatever the case, it’s still an entertaining video involving a motorcycle.