Spring is now officially upon us, and if you haven’t already taken your motorcycle out of storage and gone for a ride yet – then you should. That’s what the American Motorcyclist Association is asking riders to do for the second annual “AMA Get Out and Ride! Month“.

The AMA is encouraging riders to get back on their motorcycles this April and rekindle their love of the sport. To do this, the AMA has set up a different motorcycling theme for each week in the month:

  • AMA Get Out and Ride Your Way!” week taps into the individualism of motorcycling and highlights solo riding on favorite trails and twisties.
  • April 7-13: “AMA Get Out and Ride Together!” week spotlights the fun of riding with others, including AMA clubs and the online motorcycle community (O/MC). During the week, upcoming rallies and smaller local events, from AMA dual-sport and adventure-touring rides to AMA National Conventions and Gypsy Tours will be featured.
  • April 14-20: “AMA Get Out and Ride for a Cause!” week celebrates the generosity of motorcyclists and showcases events and activities where motorcyclists use their love of riding to help others less fortunate and champion the motorcycling lifestyle.
  • April 21-27: “AMA Get Out and Ride Smart!” week promotes rider training and awareness skills needed to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience on every ride.

This year, the AMA will also hold a weekly trivia contests on its official Facebook page. The AMA will pose a different question each week. Those who submit the correct answer each week will be entered in a prize draw.

Another new feature is a weekly call-to-action called “Freedom Friday”. Each Friday, the AMA Facebook page will publish a post detailing an important issue affecting motorcycling.

Visit http://www.americanmotorcyclist.com/Riding/GetOutAndRide for more information. Or better yet, get out and ride!

[Source: AMA]