Yes, we know BMW already has a very successful motorcycle business, but that hasn’t stopped the Bavarian company from being linked to Ducati.

There is precedent however. BMW purchased Husqvarna from MV Agusta in 2007, so the company clearly doesn’t have a problem with owning another established marque. But Husqvarna filled a hole in BMW’s two-wheeled lineup with its off-road models, while BMW technology has filtered down to Husqvarna‘s new streetbikes such as the Nuda 900.

Such synergy would not exist between BMW and Ducati however. Many of Ducati’s models compete directly against BMW models, so such an acquisition would not make much sense for either company. BMW doesn’t need Ducati.

For its part, BMW has denied any interest in Ducati, but that hasn’t stop the spread of speculation.

BMW has the clout as well as experience

Too much overlap
BMW doesn’t need Ducati