Audi (Volkswagen)

German automaker Audi has reportedly won first dibs to bid for Ducati. If a deal is reached, Ducati will be the latest member of a larger family known as the Volkswagen Group. In addition to Audi and the core Volkswagen brand, the Group also owns the brands Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Scania, Seat and Škoda.

The Volkswagen Group has long been associated with rumors of acquiring Ducati. VW Chairman Ferdinand Piech is reputedly a big Ducatisti with several Ducs in his garage, and Ducati fits nicely into the Group’s other properties. Rumor has it Piech once had the chance to purchase Ducati for just 1 euro (while assuming its debts in the process).

Volkswagen and Suzuki recently ended their partnership after a dispute over the sharing of technology. At the time, Volkswagen’s 20% stake in Suzuki created speculation over the automaker entering the motorcycle business, but nothing ever emerged from that partnership.

Chairman of VW is a big Ducati fan
Ducati would fit in nicely with the Volkswagen Group’s other brands

Piech’s passion aside, it’s not clear how well Ducati would fit into Volkswagen’s overall business strategy

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