For Sale by Owner

Last month, news broke that Ducati is once again up for sale, with its owner, private equity firm Investindustrial is looking for a “world-class industrial partner” for the noted Italian manufacturer. Since then, a number of potential suitors have popped up as being interested in acquiring Ducati.

Audi has reportedly cut to the front of the queue to negotiate with Investindustrial. Audi is reportedly offering somewhere in the area of 850 million euro (US$1.1 billion), which is below the 1 billion euros Investindustrial is said to be seeking. The 850 million euro however includes absorbing about 800 million euro in debt. Audi still has a month to finalize its offer though, and unless a deal is struck, Ducati may still be on the market.

Here now is a look at some of the companies whose names have been linked to the Bolognese brand. Some of these companies have expressed some interest in buying Ducati, some have denied any interest, and some were only named because, and let’s face it folks, rumors are fun.

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