Vive les crazy French!

French motorcycle site,, has produced a video featuring a Yamaha R1, WR450F dirt bike, a Porsche GT3RS and a Mitsubishi EVO 9 in a four-way race. On ice. Yep, on a flat, frozen wasteland.

The current video is a teaser for a fuller video, titled Ice Age 5, which the French site says will reveal the winner of the car vs. bike vs. car vs. bike battle on March 27.

Naturally (or at least it would seem natural) all the vehicles have super studded tires to maintain some semblance of traction, but watching the high-horsepower R1 rider pull stand up wheelies and effectively get his knee down in the corners challenges the mind, leaving the viewer to at least think, “WTF?”

Enjoy the icy nuttiness from our moto-loving French friends!