Brim’s Imports is a vintage motorcycle shop disguised as a used car dealership, and chances are you’ve never heard of the place or its proprietor, Tom Brim. If you’re in the market for a rare vintage motorcycle, however, it may behoove you to give Tom or his brother, Ralph, an old fashion phone call. A website does exist,, but its for searching the inventory of late model car and truck parts — the cash flow supporting Tom’s motorcycle obsession.

Brim’s is located in Kenton, Ohio (population: 8,021), and its motorcycle inventory is spread throughout three locations along West Franklin St. Within these buildings is stashed an eclectic collection of restored and original condition Ducatis, Excelsior Hendersons, Harleys, Hondas, Indians, Nortons, Triumphs, etc. Moto Guzzi Airone, got it, Triumph Hurricane, yep, Indian board tracker, check… Oh yeah, the Harley XR Evel Knievel jumped in Wembley Stadium, uh-huh, he’s got that too!

A recent visit to Brim’s afforded my brother and me a guided tour by none other than shop owner Tom and his good buddy, Russ Holly. Both men are of the simple, good ole boys variety; quick with a smile and conversation. Tom has a colorful story for every motorcycle he owns, and our visit lasted upwards of two hours before concluding. Our initial contact began with Tom’s brother, Ralph, whom you may speak with if you call Brim’s (410) 674-4137.

Interspersed among the vintage bikes are some modern two-wheelers such as a Ducati 996, a few scooters and some equally interesting vintage cars. If you’re traveling through northwestern Ohio and pay Brim’s a visit or decide to give Ralph or Tom a call to investigate their inventory, tell them sent ya.