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With the Phillip Island round of World Superbike starting this weekend, this officially marks the beginning of the 2012 racing season. As a precursor to this weekend’s festivities, however, we thought we’d get the racing juices flowing with this YouTube gem of radio-controlled motorcycles going wheel-to-wheel on a RC-specific racetrack.These aren’t the same RC toys you might have played with as a child, either. Just look at the speeds they’re able to produce. Nope, these are purpose-built RC motorcycles. The racing action is rather intense, and if you’ve never operated a RC machine like this before let me tell you, it takes some real skill behind a controller to get them to go around a track this quickly.

It’s definitely an entertaining video that actually captures some of the same challenges the World Superbike competitors will face this weekend: line selection, managing traction from each tire, throttle and brake application, and dealing with traffic.

Be sure to watch to the end, otherwise you’ll miss a RC reenactment of the famous 12 o’clock wheelie Max Biaggi barely managed to save as he won the 1998 500cc race at Brno. Welcome back to race season, everyone!