BMW has started production of its new C600 Sport and C650GT but still hasn’t officially released pricing information for its two new maxi-scooters. BMW Canada however may have let slip pricing for the C650GT: CA$11,900

BMW Motorrad Canada is holding a contest to give away a C650GT, and the contest rules list the scooter’s MSRP. Of course, the $11,900 price tag is subject to change, especially as the scooter isn’t expected to arrive in Canada until late 2012 as a 2013 model. Still, the tentative pricing gives us an idea of how much the scooter will cost in the U.S.At $11,900, Canadian, the BMW C650GT is priced somewhere between the 2012 F800R (CA$10,150) and the 2012 F800ST (CA$12,550). BMW Motorrad USA hasn’t released any of its 2012 prices yet, but for its 2011 lineup has the F800R at US$9,950 and the F800ST at $10,990. Using those two models to get our bearings, we should expect to see the C650GT priced at about $10,500 in the U.S.

The BMW C650GT’s closest competitor is probably the Suzuki Burgman 650 Exec. Suzuki Canada has priced its Burgman 650 Exec ABS at CA$11,099, so BMW’s price is a bit higher. In the U.S., Suzuki’s Burgman 650 Exec is priced at US$9,899, so our US$10,500 price projection should still be in the ballpark.

We hope to hear an official announcement regarding pricing for the BMW C650GT and the C600 Sport soon. Until then, check out this video of the first BMW maxi-scooters rolling off the assembly line in Berlin.

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[Source: BMW Canada]

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