In an effort to control costs, AMA Pro Racing has issued a price cap of $7500 for electronics in the Daytona Sportbike class.

The $7500 cap is for all electronics not installed on the homologated motorcycle. The cap includes (but is not limited to) spending on upgrading the ECU, data acquisition tools, sensors and wiring harnesses.

Race teams are to submit documentation totaling the cost of electronics installed on race bikes in the Daytona Sportbike class. The documents must be submitted at least seven days ahead of a race event, and only one submission is required unless changes to a bike’s electronics are made.

ECU add-ons must be plug and play units, either kit or piggyback, and must appear on the eligible equipment list. ECU add-ons include quick shift, auto tune and traction control units, and costs include all necessary communication cables.

Data acquisition devices include data loggers and supporting software and hardware, as well as lap timers. Data acquisition devices except for lap timers must appear on the eligible equipment list.

Kit wiring harnesses must also be accounted for but data harnesses will not be regulated under the price cap.

The new protocol also includes add-on sensors for suspension travel, brake pressure, tire temperature, oil pressure, etc., that do not come stock with the homologated motorcycle.

Further regulations for the American Superbike class are expected by Jan. 30.

AMA Pro Racing is not the first national racing series to try to curb expenses with restrictions to electronics. For the 2012 season, the British Superbike Championship has mandated a spec-ECU while outlawing electronic aids such as traction control, launch control and anti-wheelie.

[Source: AMA Pro Racing]