Italy’s Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities has granted official recognition to the Ducati Museum in Bologna, Italy, for it’s cultural significance.

The Museo Ducati‘s archives have been deemed to be of such cultural importance, they deserve to be part of Italy’s national archive.

First opened in June 1998, the museum houses documents form Ducati‘s technical archive as well as a vast collection of engines and motorcycles. The museum records Ducati’s history since 1946, when it emerged from the Second World War as a builder of motorized bicycles. Prior to the war, the company existed as Societa Scientifica Radio Brevetti Ducati, a manufacturer of vacuum tubes and other radio components.

The museum’s collection includes several historic motorcycles including a Ducati Cucciolo motorized bicycle; the streamlined 1956 Ducati Siluro 100cc which set 46 speed records; a 1980 Ducati 600 Pantah TT2, the first Ducati with a trellis frame, and race bikes ridden by legends such as Marco Lucchinelli, Carl Fogarty, and Troy Bayliss.

[Source: Ducati]