Hot off the trails of the Hard Ball’s release just last month, Victory Motorcycles is showing no signs of slowing down in 2012, as it’s set to debut yet another new model January 20 at the New York International Motorcycle Show.

Details about the new machine are scarce, but if we were to guess judging on the graphic above we’d say it could be loosely based off the Vegas due to its conventional fork and lack of fairings. What we do know from the graphic is that it will be powered by the tried and true 106 c.i. Freedom engine. Whatever it is, our contact at Victory says it’s the most fun to ride of all the models. He even went on to claim it as his favorite Victory to date.

To tease us even more, Victory has released the video below featuring Zach Ness and R. Lee Ermey. In it, Ermey challenges Ness — who has his hands on the very first production model — to take this new bike and make it “the hottest Victory ever” with his customization skills. According to the YouTube description “This is not a signature series – just his imagination turned into one cool bike. There are no boundaries, no rules, and only one will be made…by him, for him.”

With so little known about the bike thus far, what do you hope the new Victory will be? And while you’re thinking about that, be sure to come back here on January 20 as we’ll have full details on the stock version of this new model. The Zach Ness custom version will be revealed the following day to those in attendance.

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